Legal Fees & Stamp Duty

  • There are also related costs such as professional fees and government charges that you would have to pay. Below are some of the common fees and charges you would expect to incur:

    Sales & Purchase Agreement / Transfer / Financing Loan Agreement
    First RM150,000 1% (minimum fees of RM300) First RM150,000 1% (minimum fees of RM300)
    Next RM850,000 0.7% Next RM850,000 0.7%
    Next RM2,000,000 0.6% Next RM2,000,00 0.6%
    Next RM2,000,000 0.5% Next RM2,000,000 0.5%
    Next RM2,500,000 0.4% Next RM2,500,000 0.4%
    Stamp Duty Stamp Duty
    First RM 100,000 1% Any Amount 0.5%
    Next RM 350,000 2%
    Next RM1,500,000 3%
    Above RM 2,000,000 4%

    Please note that the type of charges and the amount charged might change in the future.